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  • What's the difference between Toy & Miniture Cavoodles ?
    On average, Toy Cavoodles will grow to be around 30-35 centimeters tall and weigh between 5-7 kilograms, while Miniatures will grow to be around 40-45 centimeters tall and weigh between 8-12 kilograms.
  • What kind of Cavoodles do we breed ?
    We breed F1 Cavoodles. Colours: Red and Apricot Size: Toy and Mini Coat: Wavy / Curly
  • What is an F1 Cavoodle ?
    An F1 Cavoodle is when you cross a Cavalier King Charles (mum) and and Poodle (Dad)

Terms and Conditions

At Wollondilly Cavoodles, we ensure that all our puppies and dogs are given the best care possible before they leave for their new homes. This includes microchipping, vaccination (C3), worming, and a thorough vet check. We believe that these measures are essential to ensure the health and wellbeing of our puppies and dogs.

Our puppies are ready for their new homes at 8 weeks old, and each one has been socialized with adults and children. This helps them to integrate better into their new loving homes. We also start toilet training our puppies on grass, which is an important step towards making them house-trained.

While we do our best to estimate the size, color, and coat of each puppy, we cannot guarantee it. Sometimes, a litter can have a throwback gene that may cause a puppy to end up smaller or bigger than expected. However, we believe that each puppy has its unique personality and charm, and we hope that they will bring joy and happiness to their new families.

Puppy DEPOSITS are taken to secure your pup chosen ( Deposits are non-refundable ). 

FULL payment must be paid 14 days before delivery of your NEW puppy.​​

Security & Health of our animals

Precautions are taken in relation to protecting the security and wellbeing of our animals, and your new puppy.

Wollondilly Cavoodles reserves the right to:

  • Hold viewings from 8 weeks only.

  • Provide a 80% refund based on change of mind. The relevant time frame to return a puppy based on change of mind is 3 days.

Viewing of Intellectual Property.

i.e. Genetic testing; animal records

Precautions are taken in relation to protecting the security of our breeding program, and that of the breeding industry against improper use of intellectual property.  

  • This includes genetic test results and animal records.

  • Wollondilly Cavoodles reserves the right to:

  • Provide a copy of genetic test results and / or animal records on the day of pick up for sighting only.

  • Refuse the sharing of genetic results and animals records electronically. 

For interstate travel

In the event of interstate travel requirements are as follows:

Wollondilly Cavoodles releases 100% responsibility of the welfare of animal to Purchaser. A fit to fly/travel certificate, signed by our BVSc certifies that upon leaving us, the condition of the puppy is in good/ proper health. It is therefore at the risk of the Purchaser that the puppy mixes with other animals during travel without having had all appropriate vaccinations. This includes injury in transit.

The 3 day 80% refund is obsolete in the case of courier and flight services. If Purchaser changes their mind they may return the puppy back to us at their own expense, with the provision of a new fit to fly certificate by a registered BVSc.  A refund of 80% (less deposit and transport) will be provided upon the puppy returning to Wollondilly Cavoodles and after a 10 day quarantine holding to ensure puppy is free of illness from courier and airline services.

All payment, including courier costs, if organised by Nikeeta Wollondilly Cavoodles. will have to be paid in full 7 days before puppy is transported. 

your will receive your puppy pack in the mail that will be expressed posted to you and a tracking number provided. 

By placing deposit for one of out puppies you agree to these terms and conditions.​

if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me anytime.

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